How to install Visual Studio 2017


In this tutorial, i will show you how to download and install Visual Studio Community 2017.

Download Visual Studio

1- Start by downloading the Visual Studio installer

visual studio installer

Install Visual Studio

2- After clicking on the installer, the following window will appear.

launching visual studio installer

Since i want to develop both desktop and web applications using the .NET framework, i will choose .NET desktop development and ASP.NET and web development workloads.

3- Choose your own workloads

choosing visual studio workloads

4- Choose the location where you want to install Visual Studio.

choosing visual studio installation location

5- In the individual components tab, select the components you want to install.

choosing visual studio individual components

6- Choose the language packs you want to install, you can choose more than one language pack.

choosing visual studio language packages

7- Start installing

starting installation

waiting to install

8- Launch Visual Studio.

launching visual studio

10- Sign in with your Microsoft account or create it if you don't have one already (you can do this operation later if you don't want to do it right away)

Sign in with Microsoft account

11- Choose your development settings (you can change them later)

choosing development settings

The installation is finished, and you are good to go.

installation is completed