How to install sql server 2017


In this tutorial, i will show you how to download and install Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Express Edition.

Download SQL Server

1- Start by downloading the SQL Server installer

2- In the Express edition column, click the Download now button.

downloading the sql server installer

3- When the download is finished, click the SQL Server installer to start the installation.

launching the sql server installer

4- Select Custom installation type.

Custom installation type

5- Choose the location where you want to put SQL Server media and click Install.

SQL Server download location

6- Wait for the package download to complete.

downloading sql server install package

Install SQL Server

After the package download is finished, the SQL Server center window will be launched.
7- Choose New SQL Server stand-alone installation or add features to an existing installation option.

New Sql server stand-alone installation or add features to an existing installation

8- Read and accept the licence terms and click Next.

Accepting Microsoft software licence terms

9- Verify that all global rules have a Passed status and then click Next.

Global Rules

It is recommended to use Microsoft Update in order to get important updates for SQL Server.
9- Check the option if you want to get SQL Server updates and click Next.

Use Microsoft Update

10- If you get a Windows Firewall warning, turn off your firewall and click the Re-run button.

Install Rules

11- Check the instance features you want to install and choose the location where you want to install SQL Server.

SQL Server install location

12- Specify the name and ID for the inctance of SQL Server (you can keep the default instance).

Instance Configuration

13- Click Next.

Server Configuration

14- Here you can configure the Database engine for SQL Server 2017

Database Engine Configuration

15- Accept and click Next.

Install Microsoft R Open

16- Accept and click Next.

Install Python

17- Wait for the installation to complete.

Installation Progress

Installation Progress

You are good to go.

Installation Completed

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